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Is a homage and guide to the Caffenol developers that have become increasingly popular with analogue b/w film enthusiasts due to the versatility, non-toxic compounds and unique environmentally friendly footprint. The book is intended as inspiration for anyone interested in trying or expanding on Caffenol developing.


The book is for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike. Although a basic understanding of analog b/w film development probably is best, anyone with an exposed b/w film, a film development tank, access to clean running water, the ingredients and a fixer bath can achieve near perfect results using any of the recipes provided and described in this book.


You may notice that the grammar, syntax and spelling used in the book is far from perfect and seemingly unedited. What would seem like a gross error or at best hurriedness, is a deliberate attempt to reflect the mindset and native language of the international contributors that have made the Caffenol Cookbook possible, as well as the spirit in which the articles were originally written.


A condensed pdf download (10mb!) with the recipes and guides from the full book is available below for offline study and printing: